Savannah Weddings

Planning a Wedding in Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is singlehandedly the best spot for a classic-themed wedding. From the historic Victorian District to the numerous venues and sights in Downtown Savannah, you can easily find amazing locations for ceremonies, receptions and wedding pictures. Savannah weddings are best done in a classical style, and with nearly two dozen historic squares and restaurants, it’s the perfect place for a honeymoon as well!

Savannah, the Best City in Georgia for a Wedding

Home to five historic districts and with an average high of around 70 degrees in the springtime, there’s a reason so many couples decide to tie the knot in Savannah. The city boasts both indoor and outdoor locations for a wedding. The Victorian District of Savannah is the most famous part of the city for soon-to-be bride and grooms as well as newlyweds. Enshrined in 1974 by the US National Register of Historic Places, these 50 blocks of Savannah off the most picturesque parts of the city for a wedding. The downtown area is another great place for a wedding. The cobblestone streets and the numerous historic locations make for a great colonial-inspired wedding.

The Mackey House

If you want to keep the Southern theme for your Savannah wedding, the Mackey House is a great option. A former encampment for Confederate soldiers, the estate was purchased by William Martin in 1918 after which it gained its second name of Red Gate Farms. The Mackey House is run by Savannah Venue Management, who own four other venues, one of which is The Barn.

The Barn at Red Gate Farms

The Barn is Savannah’s best place for an outdoor wedding. Hold the wedding itself in the barn and take advantage of the beautiful scenery of the 300 acre plus Red Gate Farms for your wedding photos. For the ceremony, they are amazing at adorning the barn in just the bride’s style.

Brockington Hall Event Venue and Inn

Housed in a 16th century style villa built in the 1880s, Brockington hall is the premier venue for a historic-themed wedding. The exterior makes for a beautiful weeding photograph with a huge Southern style porch and winding staircases on each end of the porch. With over 4,000 square feet of room and four separate sitting rooms, this venue can host up to 200 guests.

Wedding Chapel & Grand Ballroom

Located on Tybee Island, the Wedding Chapel & Grand Ballroom is the perfect place for holding both your ceremony and your reception. A chapel with pews, a piano and grand chandeliers, this venue is best for a traditional, maybe even religious, wedding. The Sanctuary, the personal elopement quarters of the Chapel, offers a stunning bridal sweet and groom’s quarters and can house up to 25 guests.


No matter which venue you choose, make sure you arrive in style. Whether you go the timeless option a limousine or opt for a night out on the town afterwards in a party bus, Savannah party bus has you covered.

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