Some Frequently Asked Questions

It's only natural that you might have a few questions before dropping money down on anything. We do our very best to operate with the highest level of transparency and integrity possible. With that in mind, we've included some convenient questions and answers which may aid you in your search for your perfect party bus or limousine experience. Of course, it's not conceivably possible to include every single question and answer here. But, these are pretty popular ones. If you do not see your question answered here, you're most welcome to reach out and give us a call or, even send an email. Our affable agents will be quite happy to fill you in!

Do you allow smoking on the party bus?

Smoking of any kind is not allowed on our party buses. In the past we have experienced burn holes and even smoke damage due to people lighting up in our party buses and we don't want to have to pass extra cleaning fees to customers. That said we cannot allow smoking on our vehicles.

Can we drink on the party bus?

We don't see why not! If you're riding in our party bus and you're of legal drinking age you are absolutely allowed to drink.

Is alcohol provided?

We cannot give alcohol to party bus passengers. We don't conduct business with a liquor license. We can, however, make a stop so you to purchase alcohol if you so choose or simply allow you to bring alcohol aboard.

When do you operate?

Our telephones are open each and every day. Our office hours are from 9:00 until 6:00. Our party buses provide service 24/7/365!

Is it possible to cancel or change the date of service?

We apologize but we simply cannot allow for any cancellations for absolutely any reason. When you book your vehicle with Savannah Party Bus you're disallowing us from renting it to other interested customers and that is not fair to them or us. By scheduling your party bus, you're responsible for the entire amount.

Is it okay to bring food on the party bus?

Although there are no rules against it, we would prefer if you kept it to a minimum simply to avoid extra cleaning fees. We don't want to bother with extra cleaning fees and we definitely don't want to charge anybody for extra cleaning. That said, food is not disallowed.

Does Savannah Party Bus clean the vehicle or do we?

Although we do go over the party buses prior to every use, we appreciate it if our customers pick up their excess garbage. We want to avoid any and all excessive cleaning fees. However we cannot give back any alcohol left behind so at the bare minimum make sure to take that.

If I need overtime how is it billed?

Overtime is quite simple. You have an hourly price that you previously agreed to and extra usage is at the exact same rate. The only difference is that the cost is billed every fifteen minutes. This makes it so that no one pays for overtime that isn't actually used!

This all seems well and good. I want to book. How can I do it?

Booking is not hard at all! Simply contact us at 1-843-501-1900 and speak with our reservation specialists.