How Our Pricing Works

The cost of a party bus changes on a season to season basis. Our busy season is from late April and lasts until the beginning October. In order to cut costs, we always make the suggestion of moving the party bus service to a time that does not fall in this time frame. With that said, it's easy to save money when you know what exactly to look for. We will use this page to tell you how you can make a party bus affordable for any income level! So sit back, browse around, and learn how to save money!

As previously stated, a good approach to spending less is to rent in our less scheduled time. This allows vehicles to be rented at their most affordable rate and most especially gives you the ability to have a fantastic ride with your family and friends. Contact us by calling 1-843-501-1900 in order to find out if the vehicle of your choice is free on the day of your choosing. Call before it's too late. Our reservation specialists are expecting your call!

If the event you're taking part in has a strict schedule and you just can't book during our slow season that is alright—there are still ways to spend less! Our least expensive days for renting a party bus are Monday through Thursday. Those days are the "off season" of the week if you will. Sunday is the next most affordable day, followed by Friday. That leaves the most popular day of the week which, if you were not following along, is Saturday. If the time isn't a priority, you can always save money by renting during the day.

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