Montgomery, Georgia

Part of the larger Savannah area, Montgomery is a small community that offers some of the best food options in the area. From standard BBQ restaurants and bars to authentic Mexican joints and a wide range of ethnic options, Montgomery is a great destination for amazing food in the greater Savannah area.

Sandfly BBQ

Wow, does Sandfly know how to cook up a brisket. They serve it sliced, exposing all of its tender juiciness. But if you’re looking for a little variety, their Hog Wild platter can’t be beat. Served with puled pork, two hot links, brisket and your choice of two sides, it’s a pretty big plate so you could even share it two people. Also, for a great pulled chicken sandwich, you won’t much better than Sandfly’s in Montgomery. The ambiance here is pretty unique as well. Old-fashioned listen plates fill up the walls, along with the great chalkboard artwork informal restaurants like this are known for.
8413 Ferguson Ave Savannah, GA 31406 | (912) 356-5463

Tangerine Fusion + Sushi Bar

While you’ll get a lot of homestyle restaurants in Montgomery, a little bit of the exotic is never too far away. Tangerine Fusion nails the concept of a fusion restaurant perfectly. The Mahi Mahi (fish for those unaware) is mouthwatering delicious, and the presentation on this dish is stellar. Seafood is definitely the specialty here, but it’s far from the only thing they excel at. The Satay Chicken is out of this world, while the Kobe beef rolls are just as good. For desert, be on the lookout for house specialities like their fried banana dish and their mango ice cream.
11215 Abercorn St Savannah, GA 31419 | (912) 920-5504

Troy Mediterranean Cuisne

Offering some of the best baba ghanoush and lamb in the Savannah area, Troy Mediterranean is a must-try. The lamb shank served over potatoes and with a delectable tomato sauce is a crowd favorite. Anything here with lamb is amazing, from their lamb gyros (with a signature “Z” sauce) to their classic lamb chops. They also serve great Turkish coffee, so be sure to order a cup after your meal.
10510 Abercorn St Savannah, GA 31419 | (912) 921-5117

La Parrilla Mexican

In a city that loves spice like Montgomery does, you can expect a great offering of Mexican food — and La Parrilla is the town’s shining gem. They have two main specializations here: fajitas and desserts. The Texas Fajita, a steaming pan of steak, chicken, shrimp and some of the freshest, brightest vegetables around, this is by far the crowd’s favorite here. For desserts, go with the Mexican Brownie. Gooey perfection on a plate topped with ice cream and whipped cream, you will not be disappointed. Of course, no Mexican restaurant is complete without a table-side guacamole service, and La Parrilla greatly lives up to this expectation.
7804 Abercorn St Savannah, GA 31406 | (912) 354-3757

Toucan Cafe

Although the food here is great, for a five-star ambiance and presentation on a smaller budget, Toucan Cafe is the place to go. The mushroom pasta dish will wow both your eyes and your taste buds, while the bourbon-glazed salmon is nothing too over the top. It’s the perfect dish for a no-games meal. Filled with bright neons lights amongst dim lighting and beautiful seating, you’ll be leaving Toucan Cage with a little hesitation, but you’ll certainly be planning your next trip before you hit the door.
531 Stephenson Ave Savannah, GA 31405 | (912) 352-2233